14 Ways To Know You Need A New Website

14 ways to tell you need a new websiteYour Website Is Open All Hours – Even While You Rest

A website today is not only your easily accessible shop window but also a place where you can open a conversation and let your potential customers get a feel for who you are as a business.  It is invaluable as a way to get your message out, help people and solve the problems they have. Get this wrong and you will lose business.


Your website should be your best marketing tool and you should ensure that it is up to date and provides buyers/clients with the relevant and essential information they need to choose YOU above your competitors. A shabby, out of date and unresponsive website that doesn’t render on a mobile device isn’t going to cut the mustard in today’s competitive online marketplace.

Below I list some of the things you should be looking at solving – do any of the points below ring alarm bells?

14 Ways To Know You Need A New Site

1) Look at your site – do you feel like it is visually outdated and takes you back to the 90’s or early 00’s?  If people think your site is outdated, they will assume your business is too.

2) If you can’t remember the last time you added relevant information on your site or you don’t have a site with a CMS (Content Management System) it is extremely likely that your website is offering out-of-date information and not presenting your business in the best possible light.

3) Traffic. Are you actively driving visitors to your site or are you passively letting them find you? If you are not actively reaching out for more business you should be looking to re-evaluate the site – and your marketing.

4) Does your competitor’s site look better than yours? If you feel that you competitor’s site is more up to date, more user-friendly and more professional – then your potential clients will think so too.

5) Is your site responsive? That is to say – does it realign itself to fit the screen when you access it from a mobile, tablet or desktop? People searching for businesses using tablets and mobile phones outnumber those searching on desktop computers. In fact, Google has built it into their search algorithm – if someone is searching on a hand-held device they will actively serve sites that will adapt to hand-held device viewing before serving one that doesn’t. You may well be losing traffic if not.

6) Is your website using flash animation? If it is, it was built before the arrival of smartphones and tablets, many of which cannot render flash. We don’t do that now.

7) Did you discuss strategy with your current web company? If you didn’t, you definitely should have talked about what your website’s aim is. Are there Call To Actions? Incentives to leave an email? What do you need your website to achieve?

8) Are you listed on Google? We’re not talking about if you are found on the first two pages of the Google results – we’re referring to is your site listed at all?  If it isn’t there may be serious issues to deal with.

9) Do you have your social media links on your site? Your business should have an overall plan for Social Media that encourages communication.

10) Can you tell if your current site is efficient? Can you see Google analytics and metrics, do you know your popular pages and amount of people visiting, where they are coming from and where they go next?

11) Is your site aimed at helping your customers? The best way to help is to offer free information, show a willingness to be contacted and quizzed about your product or services. By being open to questions you can make a friend. Be friendly and helpful on your site and you will convert visitors into customers.

12) Is your website bringing in leads consistently? Are you converting visitors into customers? Do you have a conversion plan to turn visitors into customers… or do you just hope for the best?

13) Is it showing for your keywords? Did you make a list of keywords you want to rank for when you built your site? If not, you might need to look at your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

14) Do you have customer feedback on your site? Customer testimonials are valuable when it comes to the sales process. People are more likely to shop for a service if they see other happy people.

We hope you found this short list helpful. If you think there is anything we should add to this list, please let us know below.

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