Chutney Takeaway – New Website

New Takeaway Website in East Grinstead

Mobile Website Design UK has been commissioned to create a new website and mobile website for Chutney Takeaway in East Grinstead.

The project is exciting as there is no information on the web about Chutney as yet – it is a brand new business and as a result it is a fantastic challenge to achieve a favourable position on Google’s organic search.

The aim of the website is to get to the top of Google for the search term “Indian Takeaway East Grinstead” and to provide a basis to collect emails.  With the emails we can start to create a willing list of customers that have already tried the (excellent) takeaway that is Chutney.  This will be conducted by a variety of marketing means, QR codes, website landing pages, emails, Facebook,

Chutney also is also a Grill and Pizza Delivery Restaurant.  They have an extensive menu serving everything you would expect from a traditional Indian Takeaway and serve burgers, wraps, rolls, omelettes, Lasagna…  This wide variety of food ensures there is something for every member of your family.

We will be ensuring that Chutney uses social networks to inform and keep in touch with their clients, thereby sending all the right signals to Google and also making sure that customers can reach Chutney via a variety of means, mobile phones, tablets and traditional desktop computers.


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