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Gain Extra Revenue For Your Business With “Set & Forget” Emails

Marketing takes many forms on the internet but the most valuable and cost effective way to make money is by building an email list.

Mobile Website Design UK can help you build a list by offering you simple, yet extremely effective methods that give away an offer in exchange for an email address.  This email list building service is fast and very cost effective with a high return on investment. Once you have a list of email subscribers you can quickly turn this list into paying customers.

Imagine having a list of clients you can contact with a special offer – a list of people that have already tried your service or product.   You have the client’s email, you can then start to market to your clients in a friendly way, by gaining their trust and suggesting products and offers to them that they will be interested in.  You can even schedule emails to send automatically, this is known as an autoresponder.

The key to this is simplicity – and to only refer products that the client will like, obviously something that relates to the initial reason for signing up. If your client exchanged an email to access a restaurant discount, then send them more offers relating to your dining experience, possibly even cooking books, cooking utensils, or where to buy spices. The list goes on and on.

Some businesses work better with this method than others. It is hard for a plumber (for example) to put a pop-up with an aim to building an email list when his services are usually only needed as a result of something going wrong. His clients are reactive. However, if you are a beauty salon or a hairdressers you can send out an email to your list offering different treatments, beauty tips, new products, books etc… And receive a commission each time something is sold. Your email list can help build your Facebook business page and, more importantly, make you more money.

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