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Mobile Website Design UK on a mobile phone

Affordable Mobile Website Design in East Grinstead

The last few years have seen mobile technology transform the way we interact with the web.  No longer do we have wait until we get home to check out something on the internet, we can now do it from whatever location we need to on our mobile phones.   Over 50% of adults in the UK access the web via their mobile phones.

Smart phones are now “everyday” technology and affordable to almost everyone.  And we love them.  It’s great to keep in touch on What’s Up, play Angry Birds or to find out what your local hairdressers’ number is.

You wouldn’t turn away customers from your door, why would you turn them away from your website?  The problem is though, is that most of the websites reached by mobile phones are clumsy to read and a pain to navigate, making potential clients to surf on to the next site.  Your competitors mobile website.

Now that can change, Mobile Website Design is affordable and simple to carry out and you can still keep your current website but just by adding a small bit of code to the existing site.  Anyone who has arrived there on a mobile phone gets a simple site specifically designed  to work on mobiles – a beautiful, simple mobile website design.  Nice!  You also have google maps and “tap to call” technology, Facebook, twitter and YouTube integration, coupons facility…  Crikey!  That’s high-tech!

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