Driving School Logo - Graphic Design

Bluedrive Driving School Crawley –
Case Study

The Brief

Roly from Bluedrive Driving School in Crawley, West Sussex needed a website.  He already had the domain name bluedrivedrivingschool.com but needed everything else.

Logo Redesign

We started by redesigning the logo, still keeping it similar to the original but giving it more depth and turning it into a vector graphic that can be blown up as big as a building without losing quality.  This went on his business cards and the vehicle’s headboard.

Website Design

A WordPress solution was found and a responsive theme implemented, plus a stand-alone, ultra fast mobile site.  We also worked together, with an associate, to devise the marketing strategy.  Bluedrive Driving School has the best driving lessons offer in Crawley and it was important to us to show that on the first page of the SERPS (Search Engine Results Page).  We hoped to get Bluedrive somewhere on the first page.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

We have a whole page dedicated to the SEO implemented on Bluedrive that you can find here: Bluedrive SEO.  In a nutshell though, if you don’t want to wade through boring tech stuff we find thrilling – we got them on the first page of Google where they have been in the top five of the search results for their main keyword phrase -“Driving Lessons Crawley” since implementation.  This means that Bluedrive has too much work now and they are looking to expand and bringing in more drivers to take up the overflow of leads.  Clever.

If you wish to visit the site click here: Bluedrive Driving Lessons Crawley or alternatively Google “Driving Lessons Crawley” and you can see where they are on the SERPS.




Corporate Rebranding


Website Redesign

Day Turnaround


Sales Up