Nutricur Responsive Ecommerce Website Design

Nutricur Ltd – Case Study

The Brief

The brief was the most complex brief to date.  Mobile Website Design UK was approached to come up with a website domain name, the product names, to design the product labels, to photograph the products and build the e-commerce website and market the products and website.

Graphic Design – Nutricur Logo Design

It was decided that the logo has to convey several elements; health, caring and nature.  We combined these elements by using a heart that symbolised Health, two hand shapes either side of that to convey Care and when viewed together they formed an image of a flower to convey Nature.  We are all super happy with the resulting logo.

Nutricur Logo Design Image
Diabetes Supplement Design
Bio Red Krill Oil Supplement Design

Product Design

Supplement Product Design We designed the labels for 6 products that would be Nutricur Ltd’s starter product range. Each product design would be unique but all the labels would have a common visual design theme running through them. We had to source the bar-codes that would be unique and work on Amazon. We are proud of the visual unity and took special care on how the products would look on an e-commerce website once photographed. Once we had triple-checked each product label we then sent them of to our label printers to have them printed.

Product Photography

Once the labels had been printed we applied them to the biodegradable bottles and took the photographs on a white background. We then imported them into our photo editing software to clean up and enhance and look generally brilliant.  Good images are vital when it comes to adding your images to websites, be it your own or huge e-commerce websites like Amazon.

Nutricur Product Design
E-commerce Site - Nutricur Ltd

E-commerce Website Design

Using the ever-versatile WordPress as our CMS (Content Management System) we installed the Woocommerce plugin and although we would keep no financial or credit cards details actually on the site we also added an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for added protection. The website design we kept fresh, vibrant and with a strong natural feel using the corporate identity greens. To view the website click here:


Corporate Rebranding


Website Redesign

Day Turnaround


Sales Up