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Love Dr Who Amazon Affiliate Website –
Case Study

The Brief

The Amazon Affiliate Website had no brief – it was a personal project that we did – just to see if we could! is a fully functioning WordPress ecommerce shopping portal about Dr Who that links up to Amazon for Affiliate commisions.  Whenever anyone clicks on any of the links within the site, they get taken to Amazon where they can purchase a product.  It is all fully legal and Amazon loves you as you are doing their marketing for them.

Cool, eh?


We hooked LoveDrWho up to our automatic posting software that pulls Dr Who information from the web and created both a Twitter and a Facebook Page. Both these get updated automatically every day.  Pop-ups appear over the news stories send the reader to our LoveDrWho site – either to like our FB page or directly to our shop (which is something they’re interested in already).  It’s a great way to get free traffic and we can implement this for almost any niche. Here’s an example of what we mean: CLICK HERE

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Website Redesign

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