Search Engine Optimisation Case Study

On the 12 of June 2013 Mobile Website Design UK (MWD-UK) landed a deal to build a website for a locally based driving school, Bluedrive Driving School Crawley.

The driving school is in Crawley, West Sussex and had a lot of competition from other driving schools located in and around the area.  At the time the owner was buying his leads from another established driving school to whom he paid a £200 per month subscription fee, regardless of the work he was actually getting.  He asked if we could now help to optimise his site using our SEO Sussex Service.

MWD-UK set about the task of building a modern website with a fast mobile site attached.  We launched his site on the 13 July 2013.  We watched the site climb the SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages) where, due to competition and older sites it settled around page 6.

All the on-site optimisation had been put in place when the site was being built.  It had a review system that linked up to Facebook, Google+, Twitter & Linked In API ‘s so that anyone could use these social media services to post reviews quickly and easily.  These reviews get posted on the user’s time-line and on the Bluedrive social media page.

Beautiful.  It also boasts Facebook Open Graph integration that will help his business be found on Facebook in the future.

This is where the site stood when we began honing the off-site Search Engine Optimisation on the 27th August:


SEO Case Study - Bluedrive 27 August 2013

SEO Case Study – Bluedrive 27 August 2013

We quickly went to work creating a larger social footprint, increasing website citations and social awareness, we posted comments, made videos and wrote articles… all performed sensibly and organically.  No keyword stuffing and all within Google’s terms of service.

SEO Sussex RESULT 04 October 2013

Bluedrive Driving School today is now on the first page of Google for 3 search terms:

  • Driving Lessons Crawley (the most searched for)
  • Driving Instructor Crawley
  • Driving School Crawley


SEO Sussex Case Study 04 Oct 2013

SEO Case Study Sussex 04 Oct 2013

Ranked Number 1 On

After we implemented our off-site SEO, the website currently ranks number 1 for its main key-phrase: “Driving Lessons Crawley”, and in the top 3 for the other search terms.  We’re over the moon!

Our SEO is an ongoing service, we regularly build links and post on the site each week.  We aim to keep Bluedrive at the top!

RECAP 2015:
Still In Top 3!

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