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Mobile Website Design UK offers your company the chance to compete on the first page of Google with On-Site Optimisation from our SEO Specialists. By providing your company’s website with the best possible website architecture, search engine friendly content , off-site social signals and relevant, engaging back-linking we can almost guarantee your site a listing somewhere on the first page. We say “almost” because it depends on your required keywords, your competition, the site age of your competition, whether or not your site is clean in the eyes of the search engine and whether or not your competition are using SEO methods.

Our SEO Services are aimed at one thing – getting you increased and targeted organic traffic. We aim to help you prosper by serving you the leads that are actively searching for your service or product.

Our service relies on various strategies and techniques to reach your target audience. Please read on to find out more or visit our client SEO case study.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO doesn’t have anything to do with not using pesticides! Organic SEO refers to where your website shows up in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) without using paid methods like CPC (Cost Per Click).  We taylor make our SEO Services to suit  your site, your aim and your product. Organic SEO, in layman terms, is making sure your site has the appropriate keywords so that your potential customers can find you. It also entails clever and relevant back-linking, simply because the more relevant pages that are linking to your site means that your site possesses relevant content… therefore the Search Engine (Google/Bing/Yahoo/etc.) is more likely to show your site in the SERPS. Easy!

Keyword Research

We have software tools for this and we also use our common sense. We look at your business and find out what you want to achieve by positioning your site on the first page of the search results. Do you want more exposure, more clients, more engagement? This is crucial to understand from an early stage in any campaign. We can’t measure results if we don’t have goals.

On-Page Optimisation

To create search engine friendly on-page optimisation we refer to the keyword research and use said keywords ensuring that these are placed carefully in the website with just the right amount, not too many and definitely not too much. Not only do we use these keywords but we also use other related keywords, (also known as LSI keywords) and long tail keywords. Our URL’s are search engine friendly, images are all titled accordingly, meta-data filled in (although not used in Google, other search engines still use this), tags & categories up to date and targeted. We have a careful check-list to ensure the site can attract the right visitor.

Off-Page Optimisation

This art behind off-page optimisation is skilled and boils down to content and relevant content. We write good content for your site, depending on your requirements and also write good content to be posted off-site and to link back to your site. We also place back-links on other sites and engage with other people in your same line of business. This has to be done with considerable care to not incur the wrath of Google as wrong back-linking can be seen as a black-hat technique and the biggest search engine, Google, will penalize and demote your site from its listings if it picks up on anything it deems as malpractice.

SEO Copy Writing

We write good, relevant, contextual content. We take into account all your keywords then choose which ones we want to promote to the search engines and then write the copy, post it on your site and then send links to that page.

Link Building

So, you’ve discovered your keywords, filled your site with great content, optimised it and now you need visitors. There are lots of methods but the best one is to become valuable in the eyes of the search engines by building back-links. There two things about link-building that are of paramount importance and that is consistency and relevance. If you build 2 weeks a week try to be consistent and build 2 the next week and the next. If you build 20 links then try and keep it at 20. Google will reward you for this. That being said, you also need to find relevant sites with high PR values to post these links on.

Writing Relevant Content

All over the internet, if you read any thing about SEO, you will find out that content is of utmost importance. By content we mean writing copy. Your site should already have great copy on it and we will liaise with you to write more. This content/article/press release we will post in the internet in relevant sites and then back-link to this content. This one of the safe ways to obtain great link value without the risk of site demotion.

Social Media

One of the many ranking factors Google has openly (Google keeps many aspects of it’s ranking algorithm secret) admitted it looks at is Social Metrics. What this means is Google is constantly trying to come up with ways to stop people from “gaming the SERPS” so they, quite rightly, look at many factors. Social media is important to businesses today, not only can you engage for free with your customers but you can turn a potential interest into a client. You are expected to have a business Facebook account, you should be tweeting and if your site possesses images – you should be using Pinterest to display these. One thing that is important, both to your fans and your SEO, is again consistency. When your site is updated, update your Facebook, Twitter, Google+… and any other social media platform you might have.

Tip: In your Google analytics account you will see options to add your social media account that is associated with your business’ domain name. Information is power as you can see what is working for you on your social media platforms and then repeat this for better ROI.
If you need help with any (or all) the above, take a look at our offers on our SEO Services pricing page or simply call us for a chat.


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