Smartphones Save Relationships

Smartphones help British men keep their partners and family happy this Christmas!

With the ability to shop online, from anywhere they may be, men are using their mobile phones to buy presents for loved ones.

Image by Intelfreepress

How mobile phones help Britons to avoid shopping panic

“This is due to more than one in ten British men saying they had already bought or plan to buy gifts using their mobile phone this Christmas, and nearly half, 46 percent, browsing for products on their phones. According to the Telegraph, men in the East …Times of India”


The above video shows some the best smartphones on the market at the moment.

One of the most important things happening with this info is the time usage a mobile phone gives you.  By not physically having to go somewhere to shop around for the best prices men and women are getting better deals & more choice – and they can do this on their lunch hour or on their journey into work.

Insteresting though how both genders are scanning barcodes for info and deals, don’t you think?

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