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14 Ways To Know You Need A New Website

Your Website Is Open All Hours - Even While You Rest A website today is not only your easily accessible shop window but also a place where you can open a conversation and let your potential customers get a feel for who you are as a business.  It is invaluable as a way...

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Why Get A SEO Writer?

Why Hire A Sussex SEO Writer? The question really should be "Why Hire A SEO Writer From Anywhere?!!"  We simply put that sub-header in because it has valuable keywords in it that people search for.  By writing this post about SEO writing we are performing the task we...

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SEO Sussex | Driving School Case Study

Search Engine Optimisation Case Study On the 12 of June 2013 Mobile Website Design UK (MWD-UK) landed a deal to build a website for a locally based driving school, Bluedrive Driving School Crawley. The driving school is in Crawley, West Sussex and had a lot of...

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Smartphones Save Relationships

Smartphones help British men keep their partners and family happy this Christmas! With the ability to shop online, from anywhere they may be, men are using their mobile phones to buy presents for loved ones. Image by Intelfreepress How mobile phones help Britons to...

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Is your Website Mobile Ready? Google GoMo Test

Is your website Mobile Ready? Mobile web browsing is on the increase and this graphic below tells you the amount of Smart Phone users that use their phones to access local businesses - almost HALF local searches are conducted via a mobile device.  That's HALF your...

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Welcome to Mobile Website Design UK

Thanks for dropping by!  Check out this video - mobile phones are here to stay, more and more people will access the web via their phones. One of the most common way people use search from their mobiles is to find out what is happening locally or in an emergency......

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